Oxanda Education strives to be at the cutting edge of educational pedagogy and fosters an holistic early learning program that supports every child to achieve their full potential.

Our inspired curriculum embraces a range of early childhood philosophies and proven teaching practices, in accordance with the Early Years Learning Framework of Australia. Our major philosophical influences include, Reggio Emilia, Steiner, Montessori and Forest School programs.

Most importantly, your little learner will be safe within the care of our passionate and highly experienced educators who receive ongoing professional development and mentoring from industry leaders.

Oxanda Education’s extended curriculum is based upon proven research that supports the successful development of the whole child through activities that enhance cognitive, social, emotional, physical and creative skills.

How Children Learn

Children are born with a natural curiosity and wonder and are keen investigators.  In their quest to understand and seek meaning we arrange learning environments, materials and events that foster this natural desire to inquire.  We believe in the importance of providing environments where children:

  • Can access real tools
  • Can research and investigate their theories
  • Be actively involved
  • Have choices and solve their own problems
  • Be involved in decisions
  • Have autonomy
  • Can take risks (socially, intellectually and physically) whilst being supervised – this includes being an active part of risk assessment procedures in age appropriate ways.

Documentation of Learning

Each studio designs a group program, which is based on current interest at the time. Various curriculum areas and expressive art mediums are integrated throughout our educational environments.  Children are also provided opportunity to investigate group projects throughout the terms.

Through a range of strategies, the teaching team support, extend and challenge children’s learning, thinking and development as they engage with new concepts, persist with difficulty and master new understandings. This process is important and offers insight into how each child approaches learning.

Documentation of learning is captured through individual learning stories, group learning stories and anecdotal assessments, which highlights the skills, knowledge and dispositions each individual child demonstrates.

Individual Learning Journals

Families have access to an online Individual Learning Journal for their child, which is a dedicated record of learning and development.  This can be accessed at any time during the year and shared with extended family members.

Our Learning Journals contain a collection of various assessments and documentation that reflects a child’s progress of development and learning. It provides evidence and samples of a child’s achievement throughout the year. For educators, Individual Learning Journals offer an opportunity to reflect on an individual child’s efforts and achievements over time. For children and families, Learning Journals enable them to be part of a collaborative approach where all contributions are welcomed and gain an insight and understanding your child’s learning.